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31 Aug 18 1m 56s

Thyroid Success Story

Colon Cancer,

31 Aug 18 2m 19s

Colon Cancer Success Story

Hormonal Imbalance,

31 Aug 18 2m 30s

Excessive Perspiration & Hormonal Imbalance

Traumatic Brain Injury,

31 Aug 18 2m 51s

Traumatic Brain Injury Success Story

Weight Loss,

31 Aug 18 1m 12s

Weight Loss & Confidence Success Story

GI Issues,

31 Aug 18 2m 59s

Stomach Pain and Wellness Success Story

Low Energy, Sleep Disorder,

31 Aug 18 2m 06s

Energy, Sleep & Mood Success Story

Menstrual Pain,

31 Aug 18 2m 52s

Menstrual Pain Success Story

Hypothyroid, Weight Loss,

31 Aug 18 0m 51s

Thyroid Help and Weight Loss Success Story

Cardiac Risk,

31 Aug 18 2m 36s

Cardiac Risk & Statin Use Success Story


31 Aug 18 3m 08s

Pain Syndrome (CRPS/RSDS) Success Story


31 Aug 18 2m 42s

Allergies & Sleep Disorder Success Story