Chronic Fatigue / Low Energy Treatment in Kansas City, MO

Do you experience debilitating fatigue that is contributing to significant inefficiencies at work, problems with concentration, personal performance and relationships?

Chronic fatigue can affect almost all aspects of life and can be caused by many varied circumstances and imbalances in your body. Usually, fatigue results from a complex set of interacting factors rather than a single cause. The source of fatigue may be different for each of us, due to the varying genetics in our bodies and the exposures we each face.

At The Epigenetics Healing Center in Kansas City, we navigate to the course of the problem and provide solutions that are grounded in nutrition and improved lifestyle, complemented by nutritional supplements and other solutions as needed. We are committed to helping you reach your optimal health by identifying the underlying causes of your chronic fatigue and working with the core systems of the body to help alleviate your impairing symptoms.

What is Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)?

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) is a disorder that causes an intense amount of fatigue for six months or more. CFS is known to get worse after any physical or mental activity without improvement after sleeping.

What are the symptoms of chronic fatigue?

While the symptoms of CFS are dependent on the person, there are many common symptoms that appear in most people. Symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome include joint pain, muscle pain, dizziness, sleeping without feeling the usual effects of being rested, memory problems, and serious fatigue after any type of exercise.

What is the link between chronic fatigue and Candida?

Candida may be linked to chronic fatigue because it is likely that candida makes a toxin that can worsen fatigue symptoms. However,  the cause is multifactoral and candida alone, will not completely cause chronic fatigue.

How is Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Diagnosed?

To be diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome, you must be experiencing two specific factors. These factors are that you must have had extreme fatigue for at least six months along with having at least four of the following symptoms: fever, muscle pain, headaches, memory loss, confusion, sleep disorders, joint pain, sore throat, or tender lymph nodes.

What are Some of the Most Effective Treatments for CFS?

To treat CFS effectively, your doctor will review your medical history to decide which treatment option is best for you. The Epigenetic Healing Center is determined to fully understand root cause of your CFS and test everything to make sure we get it right the first time. The most effective treatment is to know the causes and specifically target all of them.

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