In the United States ~37% of adults are obese. Another ~33% percent of American adults are overweight. All in all, more than two-thirds of adults in the United States are overweight or obese.

Functional Medicine for Weight Loss

Are you one of the millions of Americans this year that pledged to shed those stubborn pounds that have been sticking on you for years? What if I told you there are additional factors to your weight that could be preventing you from losing those last stubborn pounds?

Dr. Goodbinder and his team of physicians are professionally trained in helping you find the root cause of your weight gain and coaching you along the way to combatting it. Get started now with our Life Restoration Program for Weight Loss.

Permanent Weight Loss Solutions


If your weight gain is being caused by an underlying factor you don’t know about, no amount of calorie counting or running regimens is going to fix your problem for good. This is why up to 95% of people who lose weight gain it back at some point in their lives.

We look at weight as part of an overall health journey. When you apply for our program, we want to know if you are ready to make a commitment to changing your life forever, even after the weight is gone. If you are fully committed to healing your body, rather than simply losing weight, the results you’ll find will last.

How Does the Epigenetic Healing Center Address Weight Loss?

There are so many different factors that can affect your weight. Yes, diet and exercise are critical. But have you ever thought about stress levels? How about thyroid function? Mood disorders? Hormone imbalances?

When it comes to our medical weight loss program, we don’t give you a calorie goal and tell you to go for a jog.

Testing To Learn How Your Body Works

Our intake and diagnostic process always includes comprehensive testing. We test a holistic set of factors to get a better picture of your overall health. Our tests give us important indicators into things like:

  • Stress levels
  • Digestive health
  • Food sensitivities
  • Metabolic function
  • Hormone imbalances
  • … and more

These tests help give us a broad picture of your health at many different levels. From there, we work with you to come up with a plan to address the most important factors that need to be changed in order for you to create a permanent solution for your issues. The end result is a happier, healthier, body for the rest of your life.

Not everybody gains weight for the same reasons, so it should seem obvious that a one-size-fits-all weight loss plan won’t work for the vast majority of people who try it. If you have a hormone imbalance, you are going to lose weight differently than somebody with a digestive condition, versus somebody with low activity levels, and so on. That is why we test. We want your plan to work for you (not everyone), and we want it to be able to last forever.

Hormonal Analysis

Hormones are huge when it comes to our weights. They are the signals that tell our brains when we are hungry and how much energy to use in certain situations. If you have struggled with weight loss for years, there is likely a hormonal issue. It’s not always as easy as “energy in and energy out.” Often, we have to look at hormone levels or other issues to find the real culprit behind stubborn weight.

Some hormone levels that affect weight loss include estrogen and cortisol. Cortisol in particular (known as the “stress hormone”) can make you store fat, especially around the gut and chest.

Hypothyroidism is another complex issue we help solve that has a noticeable impact on weight and hormone levels.

Nutritional Counseling

Although nutritional counseling is not the only important aspect of weight loss, it is certainly a big one. Your body is designed to break down and digest real foods — foods like meat, veggies, and fruits. When your body intakes processed, nutrient-poor, and calorie-dense foods full of chemicals, it doesn’t function the way it was intended. Your body is like a vehicle, you have to put in the right fuel for it to run properly. These malfunctions can cause a whole slew of issues — one of the main problems being weight gain.

Some of the other issues a poor diet can create are:

  • Thyroid Problems
  • Chronic Stress
  • Toxin Overload
  • Hormonal Imbalances

Proper diet can also aid in other factors that may be causing your weight gain, such as inflammation, thyroid function, nutritional deficiency and more. Dr. Goodbinder and the Epigenetic Healing Center will develop a catered dietary plan that takes into account your specific conditions and molecular makeup.

We’ll analyze intake/outtake, your protein-to-fat ratio, and other factors that make your specific type of weight gain unique from others. However your body works, we help you get rid of unwanted fat once and for all.

Weight Loss Success Story

The following are excerpts from Joanne’s weight loss success story. Joanne is a patient at The Epigenetics Healing Center:

  • “’I’m 65 years old. I’ve tried all the nutrition programs. I’ve tried pill programs. They worked for a while, but when I got off of them, I gained weight back.”
  • “This program has worked for me very well. If you’re willing to invest in yourself, Dr. Goodbinder I believe, is the answer. He’s different from other programs because he does the holistic approach. I have a personal trainer, a nutritionist. I have some of his office staff, including his nurses whom I can call anytime with questions. Dr. Goodbinder is very accessible.”
  • “I feel like I’ve got a partner in this. I’m not alone in this. I’ve lost a little over 20 pounds.”
  • “This program has worked for me very well. If you’re willing to invest in yourself, Dr. Goodbinder I believe, is the answer.”

Read Joanne’s full story here.

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