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18 Apr 19 1m 16s

Do you Help with Acne? Can Functional Medicine Help Clear my Skin?

18 Apr 19 1m 09s

How can I Help My Children to Live and Eat Healthy?

Success Story,

12 Mar 19 5m 13s

Becky M – Fibromyalgia Success Story

Functional Medicine,

12 Mar 19 1m 22s

Do you Believe in Medical Marijuana or CBD?

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12 Feb 19 2M 05S

Breast Cancer Success Story – Gail


12 Feb 19 1m 02s

What Medications Should I Stop Taking?

Prenatal Care,

9 Jan 19 2m 00s

Do you Recommend Any Natural Birth Control Methods?

Functional Medicine,

9 Jan 19 1m 37s

Do you Accept Insurance or Medicare?

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20 Dec 18 1m 36s

At What Age Should I Start Testing for Medical Issues?

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20 Dec 18 1m 34s

What does ‘Epigenetic Healing’ Mean?

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21 Nov 18 2m 17s

Functional Medicine vs Traditional Medicine vs Natural Healing

Anxiety or Depression,

21 Nov 18 1m 48s

What do you Recommend to Help with Depression?