Anxiety and Depression Treatment in Kansas City, MO

Are you part of the 19% of Americans who are affected by anxiety or depression?

People often think they are anxious or depressed because of life events, but more times than not, biochemical issues within the body are present before your difficult times begin. Imbalanced biochemistry (such as abnormal levels of estrogen or testosterone, problems with endocrine glands, or an under-active thyroid) can affect our outlook on life and alter our reactions to events.

Other issues may also be present that you may never have thought had anything to do with how you feel. For example, diet and food sensitivities (like to gluten or dairy) can play a role in anxiety, depression and other mood disorders.

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Dr. Goodbinder views each mood disorder as unique. While many clients do well with selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs), some studies suggest that these drugs lose effectiveness if used for more than one or two years and might also bring on unwanted side effects as drowsiness, weight gain and more.

At our office, we offer several services that give us the ability to address your specific needs. We will help you get your body functioning normally with diet, exercise, and supplements for mood, so your anxiety and depression symptoms can go away, and stay away, for the rest of your life.

How Much Anxiety or Depression is Too Much?

Everybody deals with anxiety or depression sometimes. In the appropriate contexts, they are healthy and natural responses to the ups and downs of life. However, if you are feeling anxious or depressed to the point where it is impacting your everyday life, including your work or relationships, its time to seek treatment.

If you’re already being treated by a medical doctor or therapist, that is great. We want to help you work with them to find a permanent, sustainable solution that focuses on how you can heal yourself for life. Our goal is never to replace other professionals, only to help you look at every angle of your conditions to find the most comprehensive, most accurate, most sustainable methods for lifelong healing.

Healing Your Anxiety or Depression

Our minds, like the rest of our bodies, are affected by so many factors. When something as simple as one small factor gets thrown off, it can set off a domino effect in the body that can cause a host of chronic conditions, including anxiety and depression.

Although prescription medication, such as antidepressants or anti-anxiety medications, can treat people with these conditions, they work as a synthetic bandaid to artificially raise brain chemicals without addressing the root of the problem.

We believe that if you change your life to allow your body to heal itself, eventually, when you’ve taken all the necessary steps and proven through tests to have made a lasting change, you can live a life free of mood disorders without any medication at all.

Questions and Testing

What we do is different. We start by asking you the questions your other doctors don’t: How much sleep are you getting? What are your diet and nutrition like? How are your home and spiritual lives? How is your thyroid functioning? Who is your support system? What are your relationships like? What causes you stress? What is your body’s pH? How is your digestive system doing? How about circulation? Your nervous system?

Next, we perform extensive testing to find out exactly what switches have flipped, so to speak. The test we perform go well beyond what is done at a traditional doctor to help us break down how your body is functioning at a molecular level. From there, we will work with you to come up with a comprehensive, holistic plan to help you change your life, not just your brain chemistry, for good.

Our tests give us important indicators into things like:

Our goal is to empower you to make yourself healthy enough to feel anxiety and depression free completely naturally. Once we’ve come up with your healing plan, we keep performing tests to document your progress. When we have evidence in the form of lab work and personal experience that shows you’ve truly healed yourself from the inside out, you can take it to your doctor and decided whether or not you still need to be taking medication.

Should I Get off my Medication?

There are a lot of people who come into The Epigenetics Healing Center and want to get off medication immediately.

Absolutely not.

To start our program, you should stay on your drugs at the discretion of your medical doctor, at least until we have definitive evidence and the OK from your medical doctor that it will be a safe and permanent solution to get off of them.

We will give you the tools to get yourself back to full health, and your medical doctor can make the call about what to do with your medications for your depression or anxiety treatment.  If you are able to show them real changes, most of your doctors are going to be excited to help get you off medication.

Start Your Journey to a Happier Life

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