Hormones Panel At-Home Test

The endocrine system is made up of numerous glands that work together to create and secrete hormones. These hormones serve as chemical messengers that travel via the blood to other parts of the body, communicating with organs, muscles, and other tissues on what and when to do it. Proper hormone production is essential to other bodily systems functioning correctly. Since hormones play a role in nearly every aspect of our physical health, symptoms of an imbalance can be widely scattered.

An individual may consider a hormones panel at-home test if they are experiencing chronic issues such as:

Hormone imbalances can greatly diminish a person’s quality of life. Fixing these levels is achievable, but first requires identifying what hormonal production imbalances exist. By taking the at-home test, individuals will receive a comprehensive assessment of imbalances with different hormones, as well as looking at their metabolites, which provides beneficial information on affected downstream pathways. This would help to treat underlying causes of hormone imbalances and identify disease risks associated with individual hormone metabolites.

Explore Your Personal Situation

We know that the proper production of critical hormones is essential to our body’s optimal functionality. Our nurse practitioners have over 20+ years of experience helping patients balance their hormones and gain control of their health. Contact The Epigenetics Healing Center to learn more and explore your personal hormone situation.

The At-Home Testing Process

All our at-home testing is overseen by a trained medical professional who will assess your test results and discuss them with you when available. The lab breakdown is always included with any test purchased from The Epigenetics Healing Center and patients should plan on 3-4 weeks from when the results are mailed off to have these conversations. Based upon the test and the corresponding results, our team will be able to diagnose, give insight on possible disease risk, and plan for ways to best optimize your health moving forward.

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