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There is no failure at all; there is only the failure to try.


Defending Your Life

Your Guide to Amazing Success and Incredible Health

Jay Goodbinder has written this book with the hope that you will never feel empty again after reading it. It is a book filled with hope and promise. This book was written to support you in knowing how to succeed in achieving your dreams and goals without being afraid of failure. The most successful people in the world fail many times before they succeed. Actually, there’s no failure at all; there’s only failure to try.

In this book you will:

  • Learn How to Live in Eternal Bliss
  • Receive Tools to Gain Health and Happiness
  • Discover New Ways to Find Peace and Well-Being
  • Experience Your Dreams Coming True Daily
  • Thank God for Every Breath and Never Fear Again


“This book will give you the information and opportunity to achieve everything you’ve ever wanted. It’s right in front of you.”
– Bob Proctor, Speaker, Author, and Featured Teacher from The Secret


“Defending Your Life will inspire and motivate you to achieve all your dreams.”
– Dr. Charlie Webb, Leading Expert in Optimizing Health


“This book reveals ways to achieve a healthy self and work toward taking care of your body so that your soul can find its way into this world.”
– Shannon Burnett-Gronich, Event Producer, Author, and Publicity Expert


“Defending Your Life encourages you to make a plan and ways to achieve it. It all starts with you.”
– Dr. Stephanie J. Clark, Author of the book, A.L.I.V.E.

Excerpts from the Book

Energy flow: Push your limits every day; grow, work out, take care of yourself, and become more efficient in producing that energy.


Metaphysics: Once you undress your soul and show people who you are, you have a completely clear lens, and everyone can
see you. You are naked, and you have no reason to fear anything.


Personal Success: The more you focus on gratitude, the less you stress about other things. You probably aren’t going to be as
judgmental of others either, because you’re not worried about your own existence.

Are you ready to restore your life?