Food Sensitivity At-Home Test

Having difficulty narrowing down what foods don’t react well with your body? When trying to self-identify what foods and liquids are incompatible with our bodies, it can be a frustrating and long process of testing and waiting. Another issue is misidentification of the trigger food or liquid. Taking a comprehensive at-home food sensitivity test is the best way to discover the root cause of your consumption intolerances.

The Vibrant Food Sensitivity test delivers an accurate and exhaustive list of food and liquid tolerance results. By examining immune responses to peptides within these antigenic foods, compared to all other food sensitivity tests which measure antibodies to whole proteins, the Food Sensitivity test is able to look at what our immune systems are exposed to in real life during digestion. This paints a precise picture of what is triggering a negative reaction.

If an individual is struggling with gastrointestinal issues, autoimmune reactions, joint pain, skin irritation, or neurological concerns, a Vibrant Food Sensitivity test could help identify the underlying cause. The at-home test breaks down into 11 different food and liquid categories to give a holistic look at possible dietary problems.

  • Wheat Zoomer – Detects sensitivity to thousands of peptides in gluten and wheat, celiac disease, intestinal permeability (“leaky gut”), and wheat allergy
  • Lectin Zoomer – Detects sensitivity to 17 high lectin foods and 7 high-aquaporin foods
  • Corn Zoomer – Detects sensitivity to peptides in corn, including GMO and non-GMO varieties
  • Grain Zoomer – Detects sensitivity to many commonly consumed grains
  • Mammalian Milk Zoomer – Detects sensitivity to all peptides in goat, sheep, donkey and camel milk
  • Dairy Zoomer – Detects sensitivity to all peptides in cow’s milk
  • Egg Zoomer – Detects sensitivity to peptides in egg white and egg yolk
  • Peanut Zoomer – Detects sensitivity to all known antigenic peptides in peanut
  • Nut Zoomer – Detects sensitivity to multiple tree nuts
  • Soy Zoomer – Detects sensitivity to peptides in soy, including GMO and non-GMO soy
  • Seafood Zoomer – Detects sensitivity to multiple species of fish and shellfish, including parasites common to ocean fish

At the end of the day, the more education and information we have surrounding our unique bodies, the better functional medicine decisions we can make on a day-to-day basis to optimize our health.

The At-Home Testing Process

All our at-home testing is overseen by a trained medical professional who will assess your test results and discuss them with you when available. The lab breakdown is always included with any test purchased from The Epigenetics Healing Center and patients should plan on 3-4 weeks from when the results are mailed off to have these conversations. Based upon the test and the corresponding results, our team will be able to diagnose, give insight on possible disease risk, and plan for ways to best optimize your health moving forward.

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