Organic Acids At-Home Test

The at-home organic acids test looks at over 75 metabolic markers passed through urine, which can help identify conditions associated with genetic disorders, nutrient deficiencies, intestinal dysbiosis, and toxicity from diet and prescription drugs. The testing of these organic acids can be a key tool to understanding possible causes of chronic conditions or diseases an individual may be battling.

Common symptoms that may benefit from an organic acids at-home test includes:

Alongside other diagnostic testing, organic acid testing can help finish the full clinical outlook of root causes and contributing factors. This helps practitioners in developing the most personalized and custom care solutions for patients. The organic acids at-home test delivers a comprehensive look at biological markers that could point to possible lifestyle modifications to help with condition management or treatment.

The At-Home Testing Process

All our at-home testing is overseen by a trained medical professional who will assess your test results and discuss them with you when available. The lab breakdown is always included with any test purchased from The Epigenetics Healing Center and patients should plan on 3-4 weeks from when the results are mailed off to have these conversations. Based upon the test and the corresponding results, our team will be able to diagnose, give insight on possible disease risk, and plan for ways to best optimize your health moving forward.

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