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Are you ready to restore your life?

The Life Restoration Program at The Epigenetics Healing Center combines in-depth laboratory testing and analysis with Dr. Goodbinder’s unique and compassionate viewpoint. Diet and supplement regimes that help reverse health symptoms and conditions, increase vitality, and provide patients with independent control over their health are also key points of the program. As you go through the program, we optimize every system of the body so, ultimately, you can finally be healthy.

Step 1

Find the Source of the Symptoms

We are not a pill or shot, or surgery, that only relieves a symptom of a more serious underlying problem. We solve the problem that is causing your symptoms.

The Life Restoration Program relies on in-depth laboratory testing to find the source of your symptoms. Samples can be taken from saliva, urine, blood, stool, hair – whatever it takes to find out what is actually causing your ailment. That is functional medicine at its core, a solution for the root cause of symptoms, not just the symptoms themselves.

Step 2

Education for Independent Health

After laboratory testing your provided sample, we enroll you in a total body health curriculum where you will learn about gut health, detoxification, how to eat right, and more. We provide different classes to make it so people can be independent in their health for life once they have that extensive type of knowledge.

The Life Restoration Program provides classes that empower you to take back your health and be independent for life with your newfound knowledge.

Step 3

Healthy Detox

As a patient in the Life Restoration Program, you will participate in a healthy detox. It is not about drinking vegetable juice all day or miserable fasting.

It is a four-week-long program where you will:

  • Eat healthy tasty food
  • Drink a delicious smoothie each day
  • Take safe supplements that will help clean out your liver and gut tissue

Detoxing is a common practice in functional medicine, and it can deliver results and relief of symptoms even before your in-depth program begins.

Step 4

In-Depth Lab Analysis and Plan for Recovery

We do something that no doctor has ever done for you, and no doctor will ever do again.

  • Perform an in depth lab analysis of everything
  • Create a custom 2-3 page report detailing your results
  • Thorough explanation of your results in hours of Doctor consultation
  • Clear steps to improve your life and health and even rid it of your symptoms and conditions altogether.

The detox helps prepare you for what happens about three-and-a-half weeks into the beginning of your functional medicine regimen, which is when we give you your true life restoration program.

Step 5

Supplementation, Diet, & Personal Growth

After your detox and in depth analysis, you will begin the true Life Restoration Program which consists of:

  • Safe supplementation
  • A custom diet made for you and your body
  • Implementation of high-level stress-reduction techniques
  • Ongoing classroom education about your health and how to make positive change for life
  • Unlimited personal training to rebuild the outside of you

As an individual going through the program, we continue doing incremental laboratory testing to follow-up and see how your body is improving. We will eventually decrease or even eliminate the supplements from your custom diet plan as we go through the program because we don’t want you to be on supplements for the rest of your life. We want you to be able to keep yourself happy and independent in your health and in your life.

With this program, you will be empowered to take back your health and live your life without pain.