Nurse Practitioner

Here at The Epigenetics Healing Center, we have assembled a team of world-class healthcare professionals dedicated to helping patients achieve a healthy life. We always have a nurse practitioner (NP) on-staff who brings extensive knowledge and skills to our community of patients.

Nurse practitioners are trained to assess patient needs, order and interpret diagnostic and laboratory tests, diagnose disease, formulate and prescribe treatment plans. Our nurse practitioner’s deep clinical experience and holistic mindset afford them the ability to work hand-in-hand with patients suffering from a variety of conditions and illnesses.

Our medical professionals at The Epigenetics Healing Center practice functional medicine and work closely with patients to best understand their symptoms, medical history, and biological markers in an effort to discover the root cause of any condition. From there, they work to create a personalized health plan and guidance suggestions for patients to follow. This custom health plan works to address a variety of factors including:

Holistic Healthcare Program

Led by our nurse practitioner, our clinic offers a holistic healthcare program that aims to optimize and empower individuals through a functional medicine approach. Our program is fully tailored to each individual, as they will receive direct, one-on-one care with the nurse practitioner. Through a multi-step process, including detailed lab testing, which looks at a wide range of chemical markers from hormones to blood chemistry to exposures to infections — we look at the data to help identify possible catalysts to your disease or illness.

The human body often indicates why there is an ongoing symptom. As healthcare providers, it is our job to give you the data and suggestions on how to best naturally attack the issue. By adjusting controllable factors and expert advice from our nurse practitioner, individuals can work towards a reduction or reversal of their health condition.

Services included in our holistic healthcare program include:

Chronic Disease Management

Non-Surgical Urgent Care

Ancillary Services

Aesthetic Services

Want to Learn More About Our Holistic Healthcare Program?

Contact us today, and regain control over your health. Our holistic healthcare program is overseen by our on-staff nurse practitioner who holds extensive experience in both clinical and functional medicine. Your health is a priority and we want to give you the tools to make it successful.

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