Exosome Hair Loss Therapy

Hair loss doesn’t have to be something you accept. Exosome Therapy is a hair loss treatment that provides real-world results toward hair follicle regrowth.

Exosome Hair Loss Therapy

One in five Americans experience some form of hair loss before the age of 30, with the majority of cases being represented by men. Hair loss is a cosmetic issue but results in greater consequences for those affected. Thinning or balding hairlines can impact an individual’s personal and professional relationships, causing frustration, stress, and even anxiety and depression.

With many products and treatments flooding the hair loss treatment market, few provide long-term, healthy solutions for hair loss. However, new research into exosomes has provided researchers with a better understanding and use of the extracellular vesicles.

Once thought to be waste particles discarded by cells, studies have reversed thinking to prove exosomes play a critical role in cellular function. These tiny membrane-bound vesicles are produced in the endosomal compartment of cells. When they are offloaded by a cell, they carry critical protein and genetic building instructions to nearby and distant cells. Sometimes confused with stem cells (which produces large quantities of exosomes), exosomes show signs of helping produce regenerative and healing behaviors for other areas of the body — making exosome hair loss therapy a viable option.

How Does Exosome Hair Loss Therapy Work?

Hair follicles deteriorate and become damaged over time. From excessive stress to genetic factors, hair cells experience significant disturbance to their structure and overall health. Exosome therapy works to reverse cellular damage and promote regrowth within the hair follicle by transmitting protein and genetic building material to the scalp.

Exosomes are not a cellular material, they are a protein and considered the part of a stem cell that actually does the work. Exosomes are the next generation of regenerative medicine and far surpass anything stem cell therapy is capable of. Our exosomes are derived from amniotic fluid that is donated and tested for any possible disease or impurity. They are pure and unadulterated youth being poured into any tissue it is placed.

Hair follicle improvement can be seen in as little as three months, but most commonly occurs between six to eight months from initial treatment. The regenerative properties of exosomes are also being used in a variety of anti-aging and chronic care conditions, ranging from wrinkle prevention to arthritis to breast lifts.

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Hair loss doesn’t have to be something you accept. Exosome therapy provides real-world results toward hair follicle regrowth. Contact Dr. Goodbinder to find out if it’s right for you.