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Time and privacy are two components of life that we are constantly juggling. As we get caught up in our day-to-day activities, it can be easy to neglect our health. In doing so, we run the risk of mistreating our bodies and becoming more prone to disease. At-home testing has become a popular and trusted method for providers and patients to screen, monitor, and identify potential health concerns. With this information, medical professionals are then able to best optimize a care plan to treat and care for the individual.

The Epigenetics Healing Center offers several at-home testing kits to deliver the convenience and patient privacy that so many are looking for in this modern era of medicine. By offering a variety of at-home testing options, individuals are open to benefits like:

  • Time savings: At-home tests allow you to get tested on your own schedule without having to schedule an appointment, wait for provider availability, or travel to a testing location.
  • Testing access: The ability to order and take tests from home offers individuals options that were previously not available due to their location or a medical center’s testing resources and types.
  • Patient empowerment: At-home tests give patients the feeling of playing a direct role in their health journey. Testing at home provides privacy and the ability to avoid possible unwanted scenarios if needing to visit a physical healthcare location.
  • Transparent pricing: At-home tests ordered online have a set price that is clearly displayed so no hidden fees will come up when you get the bill.
  • Professional assistance: Speak with a representative via the “online chat” feature to find out which tests are best for you and get guidance every step of the way.

The At-Home Testing Process

All our at-home testing is overseen by a trained medical professional who will assess your test results and discuss them with you when available. The lab breakdown is always included with any test purchased from The Epigenetics Healing Center and patients should plan on 3-4 weeks from when the results are mailed off to have these conversations. Based upon the test and the corresponding results, our team will be able to diagnose, give insight on possible disease risk, and plan for ways to best optimize your health moving forward.

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At-Home Tests Available

The selection below are available at-home tests offered here at The Epigenetics Healing Center.


How To Start Testing At-Home

The first step for At-Home testing is contacting our clinic. Our professional staff will answer any questions and help find the testing that is right for you. Then the appropriate testing will be shipped to your home and you will be contacted when the results are ready to be reviewed. The Epigenetics Healing Center is here to help you take control of your health and at-home testing is just the start.


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