Thyroid & Sleep Issues Success Story

Functional Medicine for Thyroid & Sleep Issues Testimonial

“Hi, my name is Carol O, and my husband and I started our program with Dr. Goodbinder in the beginning of June the summer of 2015. I found out about him from an invitation from my sister. She had seen an ad in the paper to come to a seminar in the evening that was about thyroid symptoms, which I had, and stomach symptoms, which I also had.

So I went to the seminar with my sister, and then set an appointment. I invited my husband to come with me because we’ve kinda been on this journey together. I’ve kinda had these thyroid symptoms ongoing for years but stomach symptoms for about 5 years now. So we enrolled in the program, did our blood testing and we have gone to the workout sessions with the trainer. We also have taken advantage of the sessions with the dietician, helping us trade out this for that in our diet.

The things that I have seen as an improvement is that you know for about 35 years I have been cold, and I’m saying cold to the bone, like out-at-a-football-game cold or shoveling-snow cold. I just could never get warm. Now I really am so much warmer than I have been for years. My sleep has improved 100%. I used to get up 4-6 times a night, and now if I get up one time a night that’s it usually. It’s very restful sleep, so I’m really grateful for that. I have learned a lot from Daniella who has helped us trade out this food for that.

I also really enjoy having my husband go down this road with me together because a lot of the people that we’ve met through the program – usually it’s the wife and their husband is not on board, so they’re cooking for themselves and cooking for them – it’s just kinda a mess. I really enjoy my energy now and being able to sleep better. I mostly enjoy being warm. So, thank you Dr. Goodbinder, and I really enjoy your ongoing support. We plan on continuing with you not only now that our program is done, but we will continue with you on our own. Thank you so much.

– Carol O.

Dr. G
Dr. G

Dr. Jay Goodbinder ND DC DABCI is a doctor in Overland Park, KS who serves patients in surrounding Kansas City areas, cities across the United States, and in several countries around the world.