Hypothyroidism Success Story

Functional Medicine for Hypothyroidism

Dr. Goodbinder from The Epigenetics Healing Center in Overland Park, KS helped Theresa get off her thyroid medication after nearly 12 years of taking it. This Hypothyroidism treatment included a specific Hypothyroidism diet coupled with a regimented exercise program to aid in Theresa’s recovery. She is now off her Thyroid medication and her antibody levels are lowering.

My name is Theresa Turner and I’ve had thyroid issues for about 15 years now, ever since my son was about two. And, I’ve been on Thyroxin for about 12 years. I have seen 2 different general doctors, an endocrinologist, and 5 different natural doctors. Through the course of this, many of those doctors told me to give up and stay on the Thyroxin and accept that I would have to be on it the rest of my life. I began to see some really good results just recently, so I stopped taking my medication. I am very encouraged because my levels are really coming down and I am getting in the normal range. Including my antibodies, which have been sky high, like in the 500 range. I’ve been really excited about that because I have never seen those numbers come down at all. I’ve only been going to Dr. Goodbinder for 3 months and just through changing my eating habits and taking supplements that he has advised, and then also doing his exercise program, I have seen some incredible changes. I am encouraged and I am very much looking forward to my continued progress and anticipate that I am done with my Thyroid medication. I highly recommend Dr. Goodbinder if you have battled this yourseldf and you want to get away from that and feel better. I highly recommend that you see Dr. Goodbinder.

Dr. G
Dr. G

Jay Goodbinder DC DABCI is a doctor in Overland Park, KS who serves patients in surrounding Kansas City areas, cities across the United States, and in several countries around the world.