What Types of Cancers are Affected by Epigenetics?

Epigenetics is an area of biological science that studies how genetic code is affected by both internal and external factors. DNA is made up of roughly 3 billion nucleotide bases, and the sequence (or order) of these bases provides the instructions for bodily development and function.

Irregular or improper expression of genes can cause the creation of unnatural cells, and as a result, the formation of diseases like cancer takes place. This alteration of gene expression is largely shown to be changed by environmental factors like: diet, geographic location, social interaction, exercise habits, and more. The life choices of individuals have shown to modify how the DNA sequence is expressed, causing some nucleotide bases to give unhealthy instructions for cell production.

A simple way to think of this is by looking at the alphabet. It is made up of 26 letters, and this will represent the genetic code. Choices and external factors like eating habits or exposure to pollutants have shown to affect how the genetic code is expressed and read by the body. So maybe a poor diet has changed the alphabet from looking like – ABCDEFGH to AbcDEFGH. It is important to note that this area of science is focused on how gene expression changes activity, versus how the gene sequence may be changed (i.e. ABCDEFGH to ADEFGH).

Epigenetics examines what happens to genes over the course of lifetimes, and how they are passed down between generations. Therefore, if incorrect genetic sequences are being expressed, cancers and other health concerns may arise.


(Epigenetics looks at how gene expression is altered by factors like diet and environment.)

How Looking at Epigenetics Helps Address Cancers

All cancer forms are affected by epigenetics to some degree. Cancer is a broad term and represents a complex problem, however, the definition remains rather simple: “a disease caused by an uncontrolled division of abnormal cells in a part of the body.”

Cancer treatment tries to determine if you have cancer, and what form of treatment would fit your case (i.e. radiation, chemotherapy, etc). Epigenetics looks to discover why unnatural cell production began in the first place. Were you working in an environment that exposed you to high levels of toxic chemicals? Did you lack regular exercise and remain sedentary, causing genes to attach the wrong proteins to cells?

By attempting to trace the root cause of cancer, the chance to fix the disease with long-term success is possible. As cancer reoccurrence happens with normalcy, popular medical practice strictly treats symptoms and ignores causation. This traps individuals into a possible cycle of cancer and remission. Epigenetics dives into why, and how we can change daily practices to heal DNA sequencing error.

Discover How to Help Your Cancer Through Epigenetics

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