What are Common Symptoms of Hashimoto’s Disease?

Hashimoto’s disease is such an interesting thing. Most people that come into Dr. Goodbinder’s office, specifically women, will say something like “my thyroid isn’t working right, I’m on this medication and I’m not having any results curing symptoms.”

And to that, Dr. Goodbinder tells them specifically why their thyroid isn’t working correctly. If you have Hashimoto’s, this means you have an autoimmune disease to your thyroid. Is levothyroxine ever really going to help with that? No. Because you’re replacing your thyroid hormone with something synthetic and it does nothing with the inflammatory response.

Hashimoto’s has the same symptoms as thyroid disease, except maybe you have more nodules on your thyroid or you are more at risk for thyroid cancer.

All symptoms of Hashimoto’s can be controlled through lifestyle factors, and Dr. Goodbinder would like to empower you to do that. Contact the Epigenetics Healing Center today.

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Dr. G
Dr. G

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