The Difference Between Functional & Traditional Medicine

There are important differences between functional and traditional doctors. “Functional medicine doctors actually work with science. Your medical doctor has some science there, but it’s mostly pharmacology”, says Dr. Goodbinder. Traditional medicine doctors are focused on ‘what drug do I give you’. Which is not to say traditional medicine and specialty medicine doctors are bad; they are perfectly fine, as they don’t hurt you.

“A functional medicine doctor is going to be your best option when it comes to really breaking down laboratories, understanding your biochemistry and physiology at the highest levels” continues Dr. Goodbinder. This allows functional medicine doctors to make the appropriate choices the first time, no waste of time. The point of functional medicine is to break the science down to figure out your genetics and biochemistry. This allows the doctors to help you make the transition from where you are to a healthier person without wasting or taking extra time, and just making medicine efficient.


If you think that traditional medicine is not working right for you, contact us today and we will work with you to come up with a functional medicine plan that addresses your specific needs the first time.

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Dr. G
Dr. G

Dr. Jay Goodbinder ND DC DABCI is a doctor in Kansas City, MO who serves patients in the surrounding Kansas City areas, cities across the United States, and in several countries around the world.