Hashimoto’s Disease and Weight Gain, Here Are the Facts

hashimotos-disease-treatmentNo one enjoys a sudden spurt of weight gain that seemingly comes out of the blue. What people don’t understand is a sudden sore throat followed by weight gain could be signs of Hashimoto’s disease. This thyroid disease usually starts with a tight or swollen throat that you may write off as a cold, followed by weight gain, general muscle soreness/aches, hair loss, depression, and many other possible side effects. If any of these symptoms start to follow an uncomfortable throat, you need specialized Hashimoto’s Disease treatment from a provider The Epigenetics Healing Center. Continue reading to find out more.

So What Exactly Is Hashimoto’s Disease?

Hashimoto’s disease is a thyroid autoimmune disorder in which your thyroid gland is attacked by your immune system. Most of the time your thyroid can no longer produce enough of its hormones. While this is a serious symptom that needs taken care of, most of the time, it does not develop quickly. In some cases, it can take years for the symptoms to become prevalent enough to be diagnosed.

However, due to it affecting the thyroid gland, which is present in the lower neck, the most obvious symptom is a swollen neck and difficulty swallowing, although you may also be asymptomatic. From there, all further symptoms are directly correlated to the lack of hormones present in your body, which, in turn, can lead to weight gain, hair loss, brittle nails, muscle pains, depression, and many other factors.

How Can I Get Hashimoto’s Disease?

Unfortunately, it’s hard to prevent this disease given that its roots are commonly found in chronic viruses, leaky gut, iodine toxicity or deficiency, or some other testable factors. If any other family members have had Hashimoto’s before, then you might experience it also, as it could be genetic. 

Treatment Options

Treatment is available for this disease typically in the format of hormone replacement methods. However, Hashimoto’s thyroid issues, as with any chronic disease, should be treated according to the root cause. It is not ideal to just medicate for the rest of your life while you continue with your symptoms. If you don’t feel good, even on thyroid medication, it would be ideal to get testing to uncover the root cause and get to work targeting your biochemistry.

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