Does Insurance Cover Functional Medicine?

The short answer is no.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of insurance companies do not wish to cover functional medicine, and even if you are one of the few individuals to be insured by a company that pays for functional medicine, it will be a marginal amount they wish to grant.

Insurance companies are invested in the current model of medicine, and rarely explore outside healthcare options such as functional medicine.

Is Functional Medicine Going to be an Out of Pocket Cost?

Not necessarily.

Dr. Goodbinder and his team will work with you to see what can be covered by your insurance company, and what options are presented to you. For example, some lab testing might be covered by your insurance. Other options include flex spending (FSA) and health savings accounts (HSA) that may allow for more autonomy in payment choice.

Functional Medicine Insurance

(The overwhelming majority of insurance companies refuse to insure functional medicine.)

Is Functional Medicine Worth It?

You’re worried about paying for treatment without the help of your insurance company. Totally understandable, Dr. Goodbinder is equally frustrated with how insurance companies refuse to give their customers independence over their healthcare.

However, functional medicine is effective, and life-changing for individuals. It empowers patients by addressing the root cause, and not simply placing a blanket over the symptoms. Functional medicine enables individuals to make a long-term investment in their health and wellbeing.

Contrary to medication heavy healthcare, functional wellness provides individuals with treatment methods that allow them to live healthier lives, without the constant cycling between illness and doctor visits.

Learn How Functional Wellness is Your Best Investment

Contact Dr. Goodbinder and his team to learn about the positive effects of functional medicine, and how this is the best investment you can make toward achieving the health independence you deserve.

Are you ready to restore your life?

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