Brain Fog & Forgetfulness: Low Thyroid Symptoms

Brain fog, an inability to think straight and forgetfulness are all symptoms of thyroid issues.This is simply because the same pathway of the body that creates part of your thyroid pathway is necessary for sleep and wake cycle as well as short term memory.

Thyroid Issues and The Hippocampus

This spot in your brain is actually called the hippocampus, and it’s the first part of your brain to degenerate when you have Alzheimer’s Disease. They’re starting to call Alzheimer’s Disease “Type 3 Diabetes” now because it involves the way you process sugar and insulin. Apparently, insulin in large spikes can harm that spot in your brain. When that spot in your brain doesn’t work right, it will also throw off your thyroid. So a lot of people who say they have thyroid symptoms will also say, “I also have brain fog, and I also can’t remember things. I also can’t sleep.” This is because it’s all affecting the same spot in your brain – the hippocampus.

– Dr. Goodbinder

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