Food Allergies Success Story

Functional Medicine for Food Allergies

“My name is Jack. O. I’m the husband of Carol, who you’ve probably seen a video on her story as well. My main point is: I’ve been in the medical field for years and am very skeptical of a lot of things, so I followed this journey with Carol. I must say found out that I also, not having known I have symptoms, I have symptoms, and I’m allergic to some foods I didn’t even know I was allergic to.

As a side benefit, I lost weight. I had not intended to, but I have. With the food sensitivities, I primarily just stay away from the foods. I have dairy allergies. I have wheat allergies, which I didn’t realize. If I just stay away from those items, primarily, I don’t cough anymore.

My main input for the partners to be involved with the person who really has the primary issue because it’s very difficult to do it as a single person. So, I would highly recommend that you do it as partners together in the program. My input would be that and thanks again to the office for what they’ve done for us as a family. Thank you.”

– Jack O.

Dr. G
Dr. G

Jay Goodbinder DC DABCI is a doctor in Overland Park, KS who serves patients in surrounding Kansas City areas, cities across the United States, and in several countries around the world.