Is Hypothyroidism Genetic?

“Your genetics loads the gun, your lifestyle fires the gun,” says Dr. Goodbinder. What he means by this metaphor is yes, you can have the gene in your DNA makeup. However, there is something in your lifestyle that allows the gene to express itself or not; it’s your day to day activities, habits, and routines that determine how that gene does, in fact, express itself.

“It is of the utmost importance to figure out why you are beginning to express that gene.” This is where The Epigenetics Healing Center can step in to help identify the root cause that is triggering the gene. By working to identify the lifestyle that causes the gene to express itself, you can begin to address your hypothyroid.

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Dr. G
Dr. G

Dr. Jay Goodbinder ND DC DABCI is a doctor in Kansas City, MO who serves patients in the surrounding Kansas City areas, cities across the United States, and in several countries around the world.