Cost of CoolSculpting and Is It Worth It?

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What do you see when you look in the mirror? Most Americans (79%) report feeling unhappy or dissatisfied with how their body looks at times. These feelings are most prevalent when individuals view themselves in a mirror, while wearing a bathing suit, or shopping for new clothes. Women are more likely to experience dissatisfaction with their appearance compared to men, however, physical looks are a major driving force behind our self-esteem and personal confidence. 

Not only does our weight impact how we feel about ourselves, but it is also a major contributing factor to overall health. Excessive fat build-up can lead to a variety of problematic health complications ranging from heart disease to osteoarthritis. Therefore, the desire to lose unnecessary weight is a priority that many Americans (55%) currently express. 

Unfortunately, fat cells can be stubborn and difficult to burn, even if diet and exercise are prioritized correctly. This leads many individuals to seek out potential alternative body contouring solutions, such as CoolSculpting. 

As an innovative fat-burning solution, many individuals wonder what the cost of CoolSculpting is and whether it is worth the financial investment. Additionally, aesthetic services can make some individuals nervous in regards to safety and potential side effects. These are two major factors that go into the decision-making process for both men and women in regards to the CoolSculpting process. 

How Does CoolSculpting Work? 

The scientific name for this non-invasive fat reducing procedure is called “cryolipolysis,” — but is commonly marketed by the brand name CoolSculpting. The procedure works by subjecting targeted fat cells to cooler temperatures, which eliminates the cells in question. This treatment works due to the vulnerability fat cells have toward cold temperatures compared to other body cells which are more cold resistant. 

A CoolSculpting treatment works by having a trained medical professional apply a clear gel on the targeted body section, creating a barrier between your skin and the cooling panels. An individual will then begin to experience a sucking sensation as the applicator draws tight to the body — eventually causing a numbing sensation on the target area. After the 30 to 90-minute treatment session, the medical professional will gently massage the treated area to help break up any dead fat cells and further stimulate fat reduction. 

Is CoolSculpting Safe? 

Approved for fat reduction by the FDA in 2010, CoolSculpting is a safe and effective treatment with over 8 million procedures having been performed. There is no needed downtime, and minimal risks presented to a patient’s overall health. 

Extremely rare cases involving CoolSculpting include the development of paradoxical hyperplasia, which is the development of increased fat cells in the treated area. The complication typically arises between 2 and 5 months after treatment and may lead to a large, firm, and painless mass development under the skin of the treated area. Paradoxical Hyperplasia is reported in less than 1% of CoolSculpting cases.

Why Do People Pay for the Cost of CoolSculpting? 

Some may question why individuals spend their money on voluntary aesthetic treatments, however, those who have been struggling to lose stubborn fat on their own can attest to the frustration and reasoning behind alternative treatments. CoolSculpting reduces between 20% – 25% of fat cells in the treated area. 

While CoolSculpting does not work for every area of the body, it has been clinically proven to help reduce fat in these specific areas: 

  • Submental area (under the chin) 
  • Submandibular area (under the jawline) 
  • Thighs 
  • Abdomen 
  • Flank (along with bra fat and back fat) 
  • Under the buttocks (known as the banana roll)
  • Upper arms  

Additionally, CoolSculpting is a procedure that presents limited risks and side effects to patients, and therefore, is viewed by both medical providers and patients as a high reward, low-risk treatment. During a treatment an individual may experience extreme cold, tugging, cramping, stinging, or tingling. After the procedure, there is no downtime required and individuals can drive themselves home from the doctor’s office — with a slight opportunity of feeling mildly sore for a short period of time. 

Due to CoolSculpting being an easy, low-risk, and effective fat reduction procedure, many find the associated cost to be worth the financial investment, given the beneficial physical and emotional outcomes.

What is the Cost of CoolSculpting? 

The cost of CoolSculpting ranges from person to person, as multiple factors play into the final price tag. Elements like how many treatments an individual is seeking and what areas of the body will be treated affect the total cost. In most cases, the cost of CoolSculpting will fall between $2,000 – $4,000 for a personalized treatment plan. 

Typically, a good rule of thumb is that the smaller the area of treatment, the lower the cost. That translates to areas such as the upper arms or under the chin costing roughly $800 or less per treatment session. However, larger surface areas such as the abdomen or thighs can cost upwards of $1,500 per treatment.

The price range will vary based upon the number of treatments and any additional care provided by the medical professional and their team. As CoolSculpting is defined as a “voluntary medical aesthetic treatment” it is most often not covered by health insurance providers or FSA companies. However, check with us here at The Epigenetics Healing Center to discuss possible financing options to fit your budgetary needs. 

Comparing the Cost of CoolSculpting to Alternative Treatment Options?

Here at The Epigenetics Healing Center, we offer an alternative treatment option to CoolSculpting. The cost of CoolSculpting is much higher than the service we refer to as TruSculpting. TruSculpting using heat to achieve permanent fat reductions. Hyperthermia occurs when the body is heated up versus hypothermia which occurs when the body is cooled. 

This creates a comfortable treatment that lasts only 15 minutes — a significantly less amount of time compared to a single CoolSculpting session. Truscuplting is also able to treat areas that CoolSculpting cannot. Non-pinchable fat, laxity skin, and individuals with a BMI over 30 are all disqualifiers for a CoolSculpting procedure. However, these conditions are still treatable by TruSculpt. 

The Cost of CoolSculpting & Receiving Top-Level Treatment 

Here at The Epigenetics Healing Center, we offer a host of top-quality aesthetic services and treatments to individuals looking to optimize their physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. Health is a holistic effort that impacts every aspect of our personal lives. TruScuplting makes losing stubborn fat cells possible and can dramatically impact our lives in a positive way. 

Learn more about TruScuplting, an alternative option to CoolSculpting, or schedule a consultation to discuss your fat reduction goals with our team. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about the cost, procedure, result timeline, or any other concerns. In the end, the cost of CoolSculpting or any aesthetic services shouldn’t be seen as a dollar amount, but rather an investment in your personal wellbeing. 

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Dr. G

Dr. Jay Goodbinder ND DC DABCI is a doctor in Kansas City, MO who serves patients in the surrounding Kansas City areas, cities across the United States, and in several countries around the world.