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Are there certain liquid diets that can help heal my Crohn’s Disease ? What steps can I take to make my Rheumatoid Arthritis go away? What else could be causing my pain besides Rheumatoid Arthritis? What does Rheumatoid Arthritis do to my body? What increases your chance of getting Rheumatoid Arthritis? What are the symptoms of Rheumatoid Arthritis? What causes Rheumatoid Arthritis? What other complications arise with Crohn’s Disease? Will I always have to take medicine for my Crohn’s Disease or can I heal naturally? Can my Crohn’s Disease ever come back once it’s healed? Will I need to have surgery for my Crohn’s Disease? What is the treatment for Crohn’s Disease? Can Crohn’s Disease be prevented? What causes Crohn’s Disease? What are the common symptoms of Crohn’s Disease? What is Crohn’s Disease? What type of Dr. can treat my Rheumatoid Arthritis best? Do you have to take medicine to permanently heal Rheumatoid Arthritis? Are there ways to heal Rheumatoid Arthritis naturally?
What is Type 2 Diabetes? How To Manage Type 2 Diabetes What are the common signs and symptoms of Type 2 Diabetes? Can Type 2 Diabetes be prevented? What is the difference between Type 1 & Type 2 Diabetes? My Dr. gave me meds and told me to eat less sugar. Will I be fine now? What is the danger in not treating my type 2 diabetes? What is the best way to manage my Type 2 Diabetes? What are the steps for diagnosing Type 2 Diabetes?
What are the signs & symptoms of Fibromyalgia? What is Fibromyalgia? How is Fibromyalgia Diagnosed? How is Fibromyalgia treated? I have GI issues and Fibromyalgia, could these two be related? Do I have to take medicine for the rest of my life once being diagnosed with Fibromyalgia? What is the danger in not treating Fibromyalgia?
Why do I still feel tired and can’t sleep through the night even though I am on thyroid medication? I’m on Thyroid medication and still feel awful, why? I am currently on thyroid medication , but I don’t feel it working? I have a low sex drive, but I am on thyroid medication. What’s going on? Why do I suffer with constipation, dry skin, etc ..even though I am on Thyroid Meds? My Dr. told me my thyroid levels are normal but I still cannot lose weight. What is going on? Can birth control pills effect my thyroid? I have a very hard time regulating my body temperature. Is this normal? Have you helped many people with low thyroid in your practice? What do I do differently for low thyroid than other doctors do? What is functional medicine or a functional approach to medicine and how can it help me? Do we need to monitor my blood levels for thyroid function? If so, how often? What are the dangers if I do not get treated for my thyroid? What are the long-term side effects or risks of taking lifelong thyroid hormone? I have heard that some patients take T3 hormone in combination with T4. Is that recommended? How often must I come in for thyroid testing? What is subclinical hypothyroidism? Should I take thyroid hormone replacement if I have subclinical hypothyroidism? Why would a natural desiccated thyroid be better for me? How is desiccated thyroid different than synthroid or other T4 meds? Why did I feel worse on desiccated thyroid? Why is my hair falling out? When everything in me is messed up, What do I address first? What supplements do other thyroid patients take? Will I have to take medication for the rest of my life? What steps do I take to find out if my adrenals are affected? How do thyroid problems typically affect your patients lives? How do patients typically learn they have a thyroid problem? Are the problems obvious? What are “natural” thyroid hormones? Are they any advantages to this therapy? Has treatment of patients with thyroid troubles changed much in recent years? Will certain foods impact the functioning of my thyroid? How does thyroid function effect women and men reproductive systems? Is thyroid dysfunction an autoimmune disease? Is it possible to reverse Hypo or Hyper thyroid issues naturally? At what age do most thyroid problems start? Are thyroid issues hereditary? Is there danger in having too much or too little thyroid while pregnant? Can too little of thyroid cause a newly pregnant mother to miscarry? What is Graves Disease? What is the thyroid gland and what is it’s purpose? Are thyroid problems more common among Women or Men? How can hypothyroidism affect you long-term? Part 2 How can hyperthyroidism affect you long term? Part 1 How do patients learn they have a thyroid problem? Are thyroid problems obvious? What are the most common thyroid issues you encounter? What kind of plan can help your thyroid patients life a normal life? What is the best advice you can give someone that just found out they have thyroid issues? Osteoporosis runs in my family. Should I be concerned about Thyroid & Osteoporosis? I have stabilized the thyroid hormone level in the normal range, but I still do not feel right? Are aches and pains a symptom of Low Thyroid? My Dr. put me on Thryoid Meds but I am still struggling with Weight? What is TSH and how does it relate to low thyroid? My Dr. Said my TSH looks fine, but I do not feel fine..? I eat right and very healthy, but no matter what I cannot lose weight. What’s going on? I’m really moody & depressed, can this be a symptom of low thyroid? I am a new mom, and I am tired all the time. Should I be concerned? I suffer from migraines and constant headaches. Could this be a problem with my thyroid? Can anything be done to treat Hashimoto’s Disease? What is Hashimoto’s and how do I know if I have it? I have severe hot flashes and night sweats. Could this be a problem with my thyroid?
How is Parkinson’s Diagnosed? Will I have to take medication the rest of my life after being diagnosed with Parkinson’s? What is Parkinson’s? What are the common symptoms of Parkinson’s? Is there a cure for Parkinson’s? How can I better cope with having Parkinson’s? What is the danger in not treating Parkinson’s fully? Is Parkinson’s disease heriditary? How can I help to reverse Parkinson’s naturally?
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